Monday, 11 April 2016


Why the English Left is Wrong - Cameron Seems Safe in his Position 
And the Quote from Marx that Explains it all!

By Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

Cameron is facing what should be another challenging moment to his position as prime minister in the current offshore tax corruption, however, like many other potential crises of the Tory government, he seems to be quite secure. The situation is not helped by an English left, from the Labour party leadership through to the far left sects, making a lot of noise but little strategic approach to achieving anything that they would like.

It's not like there hasnt been a string of scandals that have and continue to hit this Tory government and the wider UK state: the wars of aggression utilising the most depraved armed gangs that can be sourced in the total destruction of Libya and the near total destruction of Syria; UK state collusion with terrorism using and abusing Muslims and Islam while the UK state and media project all blame in a white supremacist fashion onto colonially racialised Muslims; state protected sex abuse and child sex abuse and murder rings; pig gate; bedroom tax; scrapping of the Education Maintenance Allowance; disability benefit cuts and much more: these are major national scandals that has seen no serious strategic response from Corbyn and the wider English left. Each one of these issues should and could see an angry mass movement that single mindedly achieves little victories along the way.

Lefties in England are too delusional, lefty outrage by itself is doing nothing but adding to the delusions and self defeating approach. Cameron is safe in his position, and the left around Corbyn have yet done very little to nothing to dent that, although they continue to be served many opportunities on a plate by the Tories. There still remains NO strategy to defeat the Tories by Corbyn other than a very narrow parliamentary one, which he and his team have decided to not even include a protest movement to compliment their parliamentary strategy!

We are being lied to not only by the Tory government, but by the English left too who keep telling us everything is going great in the left, and we just need to carry on and somehow things will be won and achieved out of thin air. They are lying to us, and in the interests of defeating the Tory government and defending the people of the world who are oppressed by the UK state and those people here who are relatively much less exploited than the non-western people but are nevertheless targets too, we should critically examine this delusional nonsense, reject it and build something else that is actually effective.

The Labour Party and its leadership has done nothing to dent to Tories, absolutely nothing. However, it has been more wiser heads of the UK ruling circles such as in the Houses of Lords who have blunted some of the Tory plans against the people of this island. The Left have not pushed back on anything to date.

The ruling classes in the UK will only get rid of Cameron or any of their leaders if internecine conflict between themselves force a change, the only other way something can be shifted is through a movement that is even more effective than that what we have in the 1970s and 1980s. And there is not only no sign of that, but that seems to be increasingly further and further away. Corbyn and the Labour Party could be of help in united fronts against war, racism, privtisation etc only if there is a growing multiversity of radical movements in general. There is not. People need to be in the streets, shutting down motorways, government departments, local councils, the radical youth need to be showing their own militant determination, there needs to be serious organisations that can develop mass campaigns from the inevitable repression from people from such movements. But all of this is worlds away. It can still happen, but nowhere in sight for the time being.

It's clear Corbyn and his inner circle have decided on putting aside the left outside of parliament and lefty protest politics and have instead decided to try and run to the centre left to protect and elongate their position as head of the parliamentary Labour Party. But what if like the last four decades this results in a negligible outcomes? Will we learn the necessary lessons in building a serious anti imperialist socialist movement that puts aside the failed policies of left imperialism / social democracy? Or will they repeat this foolishness ad nauseum but in more ridiculous ways?

Problem is: contradictions are intensifying, and as the pressure builds it is being released generally constructively in Scotland and Wales (although even there, there might be new challenges thrown up by the growing crises of imperialist-capitalism), whereas in England it is like most of the 'west' resulting in a far right trajectory.

And to whom does the English left look to in order to learn something? They look to another terribly defeated and defeating eurocentric project in the form of Syriza, but even more so, in the form of the failed Syria finance minister. It's sad that Corbyn and co have invited a thoroughly unfit for purpose european lefty leader - Varoufakis: don't they realise how silly it looks to bandy together in awe of someone who has a proven record of failing miserably? But this is perhaps an element of English culture that dominates the left: spinning defeat, delusions and dilettantism as victories. The British colonialists PRETENDED often to act like dithering fools when actually they were the most scientifically brutal colonialists that the world had seen. It seems the English left have retained the dithering clueless front, but internalised it as a principle and also maintained a good fair amount of their colonial prejudices as in the case of Libya and Syria a Nato directed horror story is seen by them as an ' Arab Spring' and 'revolution'.

Fact is, people are not angry enough, people are not pro-active enough to create the organisations, movements, actions, they are not honest enough with each other and with themselves to develop critical theoretical underpinnings to all this that a real struggle necessitates. Tweets and 'likes' have replaced political street organising, the just struggle of the junior doctors (a very well off upper strata of the imperialist working class here) have replaced the Miners, our old hard left leaderships are dying off and being replaced by utter little left fools of empire.

The imperialist-capitalist system of the 'West' is in a much more critical period than it was post Second World War, it cannot invest its colonial loot in the Western working class like it did then, this social democracy is buried, dead and gone, although the imperialist countries will always keep its Western masses *just* about enough bought off to keep them away from revolt. However, the state will continue to chip away at the colonial and imperialist given perks of the masses. This is not just a struggle against this or that Tory government, it is a struggle against an increasingly vicious imperialist system in deep crises.

Corbyn, Sanders, Syriza, Podemos etc, these are all the residues of a colonial left love that has long gone, the jilted lovers are still hanging on, hoping against hope that their previous love will return. It wont. Get over it. And stop dragging everyone into your patheticness.

The growing new fascism in Western governments and Trump, Ukip, Le Pen etc are also clear signs that the more right wing colonial and imperialist minded masses are yearning when things were more openly imperialist and racist.

New radical anti-imperialist socialists politics, analysis and organising are needed. But they are generally nowhere to be seen although the new wave of Black radicalism in the USA, and reformist left nationalist oriented things like the SNP show at least some indicators of how we should proceed.

This has happened before, many times. Many times left imperialist / social democratic forces have failed the Western workers, and the people of the global south. It most devastatingly took place in the 1930s, but happened many many other times since the second world war. Back in 1850(!), Marx already had observed this when he said the following:

"The point of view of the minority is dogmatic instead of critical, idealistic instead of materialistic. They regard not the real conditions but a mere effort of will as the driving force of the revolution. Whereas we say to the workers: ‘You will have to go through 15, 20, 50 years of civil wars and national struggles not only to bring about a change in society but also to change yourselves, and prepare yourselves for the exercise of political power’, you say on the contrary: ‘Either we seize power at once, or else we might as well just take to our beds.’ Whereas we are at pains to show the German workers in particular how rudimentary the development of the German proletariat is, you appeal to the patriotic feelings and the class prejudice of the German artisans, flattering them in the grossest way possible, and this is a more popular method, of course. Just as the word ‘people’ has been given an aura of sanctity by the democrats, so you have done the same for the word ‘proletariat’. Like the democrats you substitute the catchword of revolution for revolutionary development,” etc., etc."