Friday, 26 May 2017


This is REALLY important in relation to the #ManchesterBombing and I have to be honest and straight with you all because you all should know the truth: Seumas Milne, John Rees, Andrew Murray, Lindsey German (stop the war coalition leaders) and I am sad to say Corbyn too and others have been and continue to COVER-UP collusion by the British state with their junior proxy terrorists in groups like Qaeda, Nusra, LIFG (LIFG is the death squad that Manchester bomber Salman Abedi is a member of). They all covered up the death squad lynching of Black people in Libya throughout ithe war in 2011, they all said and did nothing about all of it and Corbyn and his team are continuing to cover it up today while much of his grassroots following are clamouring to get the Tories over collusion. John Rees is now posting on his facebook posturing that he somehow opposes these terrorists, well look HERE, he was openly supporting them and some of us were arguing against him at the time.

In addition to this, while me and a few people were screaming about the lynching of Black people in Libya that these death squads under Nato were doing, the following left organisations amongst many others openly supported the death squads: Ceasefire, Counterfire, Pulse, SWP, Stop the War Coalition even as they openly marched with pro nato regime-change protests, Chris Nineham a Stop the War Coalition leader marched with them and chanted the slogan of overthrowing Gaddafi and Socialist Libya. Even people who have become high profile spokeperson's for BLMUK also supported the lynching death squads in 2011 despite me pleading and arguing with them not to. To this date they have not stated any different position to the one they had in 2011. The SWP celebrated the lynching of Gaddafi and Libya.

A few of us always warned that British state collusion in Libya (and Syria) was always going to mean that they did and they will continue to collude with death squads who will also target people in Britain, and thats what is happening time and time again. The reason why the left seem to be unable to do much about it is 1, because they supported these terrorists in Libya through 2011, 2, support collusion and help to cover it up, hence 3, they cannot give any credence to a few of us who have worked hard, received massive abuse for it, and worked out better than most what is going on with this collusion. These leftists were willing to go along with the entire destruction of Libya with all the lynching, raping and mutilations, so it isnt that surprising that the massacre of little girls in Manchester also does not jolt them into being honest on collusion. Until today much of the left continues to defend Moazzam Begg who is an open close colleague of LIFG death squad leader Hakim Belhaj, the British authorities allowed Begg to go and visit Belhaj in Tripoli after Nato and Belhaj destroyed the country. Begg has deleted the picture of them meeting from the internet, it used to be on the Cage website. LIFG leader Hakim Belhaj *also* has support from well known left and liberal figures in Britain, he even has all these articles and features in the Guardian, including leading lefties who wrote an article for him in the Guardian.

you all know I went three times to Libya since spring 2011 during the Nato and allied proxy death squad terrorist war of destruction, you all now I stood with the Libyan people and their socialist country against Nato, you all know I been working on the issue of how the British state is colluding with terrorists in Libya since Feb 2011 when the media openly encouraged people like Salman Abedi to go pick up weapons and rape, lynch and kill for them in Libya. You all know I been working on collusion until today along with Dan Glazebrook mostly but also a few others like James Stuart, Saqib Deshmukh and of course the Libyans like Abdal Aziz Ali Alkasih Rajab Shoaib Moussa Ibrahim and others. A lot of you know I have published a book and documentary on Libya and all these issues, and so has Glazebrook.

We are trying to be as honest and hard working and as much integrity as we can on these issues. Tragically our work and investigations and their findings have proven to be true time and time again and especially so with the attack on the girls in Manchester. I hate to bring bad news, but again I have to be honest and engage people with realities so we can prepare for them: These things are going to get worse, and we really need to confront these things head on. Please, support our people in the Homelands who have lost their entire countries to this horror, and in so doing protect and help yourselves against this British imperialist state.