Saturday, 17 June 2017


 #IdentityPolitics #GeneralElection & #GrenfellTowerFire

The mass turn against the tories at the elections and the #Grenfell tragedy has done much to wash away what passes as identity politics ('#IDpols), its brought Black and Brown migrant working class communities together while the identity politics crowd would be policing peoples blackness and ethnicities, driving their ridiculous colonial wedges and divisions between all communities and within increasingly narrowly defined communities. Some IDpolitics when it is not based on colonial oppression olympics is useful and necessary, but what we have coming out of large swathes of what is the left is ideologies of very nasty middle / upper class or aspiring to be middle class selfish and greedy and usually hyper careerist or/and hyper divisive people who play out they internalised hate and insecurities on other oppressed communities.

The elections had many problematics, migrants especially east European and new African, Asian and 'latin' American migrants were invisibilised, however people gathered and galvanised together against a common enemy; Grenfell much more than the elections shows Black & Brown poorer peoples uniting together for their common interests and against common enemies.

When people relatively move politically, they tend to push against enemy divide and rule ideologies of which identity politics is a very effective one, and that's what we have seen. Important to continue to develop that into a real internationalist outlook that breaks out of our London-centricism/England-centricisn/British-centrism (be it so called 'Black British', 'British Asian' and other colonial sell-out labels) and Eurocentrism and Westcentrism.

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