Friday, 2 June 2017


#DianeAbbott I am really saddened by what is happening towards Diane recently, particularly disappointing has been the response of some of the Black n Brown left/radicals. Diane is not my favourite political person, I am not a supporter of the institutionally racist and imperialist Labour Party, Diane doesn't have the populist style, but would you if basically EVERY day of your life for decades you face *increasing* horrific racist abuse with disgusting people calling you things like "fat ugly black gorilla" day after day in your life. Indeed, I think Diane is probably the most abused and reviled political figure in our country, and why is that? It's not because of some of our political differences with her around many things, its because she is a independent-minded, strong, dark skinned, not physically small *BLACK* *WOMAN*. I wonder of all those joining in with the racists in mocking and laughing at her wether they could walk a day or two in her shoes, if they could deal with the all day every day and night receiving racist abuse and worse.

Like I said, I am no big fan of her, but that's not the point. Even in perhaps an ultra-left moment I even stood against her (she had a very safe seat) in parliamentary elections at the start of the 2000s! Madness. And I apologise to her, however perhaps a mitigating thing: I did stand on a platform that was explicitly anti-imperialist explicitly opposed the 'f-type' isolation prison cells against Kurdish and Turkish leftist (esp DHKC) political prisoners, for that I got thousands of votes from the Kurdish and Turkish communities, and I got that with little campaigning as these communities are already politicised and it goes to show that if someone actually bothered to try to get together a real anti-imperialist anti-racist independent political party with hard and consistent work you would within a few years get councillors elected and a few years later have a good go at parliamentary elections, but I digress.

Diane is a proud successful career politician who has consistently been treated as a bit of a second class citizen by the Labour leadership, she got humiliated LIVE on news TV by the former Labour leader for saying basic and correct things about historical colonialism and racism. That's one example of many that show that Diane has had to put up with this kind of discrimination even by her own colleagues in her own political party.

Diane makes mistakes, but the mistakes Diane makes several days ago are still mocked today, whereas Corbyn makes all kinds of stupid mistakes and when he makes the exact same mistake that Diane made, he makes the mistake in the morning and literally by the afternoon its all forgiven and forgotten. Can people see the way in which Corbyn gets a non-critical pass by the LP/Corbyn camp, and Diane gets totally drubbed? Why do you think that is? Corbyn is a posh white man, Diane is a north London older dark-skinned Black woman.

Finally, some are cussing Diane and saying Dawn Butler is so amazing. Dawn comparitvely to Diane is very young, she is more conventionally attractive, she is relatively new to career politics, she has a different softer personality and speaking style. Let Dawn spend a couple decades of politics let along 40 years like Diane and let's hope she doesn't get the intensity of abuse that Diane has, but tragically she will get that abuse and it will be taxing. Maybe she will deal with it better than Diane and not become hard headed like Diane, maybe she won't? Isn't it deeply problematic to put up two Black woman against each other in this way, shouldn't we encourage unity between Black people and Diane and Dawn? Both receive racist abuse, albeit Diane received it a lot more, a lot nastier and for a lot longer. Why are some pitting an older Black woman against a more prettier younger Black woman?

To conclude, I encourage people to stand IN FRONT of any women and especially Black or Brown women who is attacked and abused by the racists. These women are on the frontline, and they are the first victims of abuse. If we are to push back the racist tsunami currently riding on the Brexit uk nationalist bandwagon, we have to gather 'the many against the few' (that's Mao, not corbyn btw), and develop maximum unity against racism/brexit.

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