Saturday, 17 June 2017


Not one fucking fire fighter died in that blaze, your lefties' beloved heroic working class fire fighters were utterly utterly shit and frankly some of them if not dozens of them should have died fighting that inferno trying to save our people; pieces of shit told our people to stay in their flats to be incinerated alive. Here we go as we hear stupid lefties bleat: 'but poor mr firefighter has his goodies cut by big bad tories'. Stfu. They couldn't organise nets to catch our falling people?? Told our people to stay and get burnt alive??? Fuck them all. Fuck. Them. All. The fire fighters are all alive and well, not even ONE was hospitalised! Not even one! But up to 500 of our people are dead.

Btw, the Fire Brigade Union and then leader Andy Gilchrist also walked away from a massive historical fire in 2003; in the lead-up to the British and usa war of invasion, occupation and destruction of Iraq the FBU were on strike, the then labour government put troops into dire services to put pressure on the FBU to sell out so the British state and army could conduct their war without disturbance. Gilchrist and the FBU *could* have had a good chance of winning that dispute, protecting the wages, conditions and equipment of the Fire Service *and* been a massive strategic anti war force. But no, they sold out themselves and sold out our Iraqi people and went back to work for the state faithfully while we all watched Baghdad get totally bombed and destroyed and put on fire by the dirty brits and yanks.

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