Thursday, 8 June 2017


What if Tories win? / What if Labour win? 

If the tories win outright majority, which overwhelming polls state is going to happen, there are some complications: whatever the contradictions its clear that in this country due to the SNP and Corbyn/Labour that people are very desperate for the Tories to be defeated, the desperation is connected to the growing political and social instability over recent years and decades, but having been politically active for 25 years while there is a repeat of the recent past left hype failures (Scargill's SLP was creating a similar hype in the late 1990s, as did the Socialist Alliance, as did then the Peoples Assembly, all fell flat on their face cos they couldnt break out of the eurocentricism), but now its bigger and the yearning for people is clearly much greater but there are the same fundamental flaws. BUT, there are some factors to consider:

What if Tories win?

1, people are talking about 'revolution' if the Tories win. On the one hand the left havent even been able to get right the absolute basic things on anti-racism and anti-war in this last six years, they have championed and help to send off terrorists to Syria and Libya who have come back and massacred. However, this talk of revolution is not a bad thing despite, its a good thing to get into peoples heads. Revolution is a very serious and bloody thing, you have to be able to infiltrate and neutralise the armed forces and police. Obviously no chances of that. But if the tories win I hope people take to the streets with great anger and determination.

2, Riots. If the tories win and there is mass anger, it could easily be the case that the state sets up people to riot and uses that as an excuse to really come down hard. This is a very tricky one, cos a situation similar to some level of rioting could feed a general upsurge of rebelliousness, or it could really sabotage it.

3, Voting irregularities. 1.5 new people have registered to vote. That's not small. Many people are complaining their registration has not gone through and have even been turned away at the polling booths. This could have the impact that people really get angry and take to the streets on the issue issue feeding into the points 1 and 2 above.

BUT, it very well might be none of this really happens, and more or less people accept the tory win lying down. Unless Corbyn really sees the Tories get a lot more seats than they did when Milliband stood last time and Kinnock stood in 1987, he will look to hold onto the LP leadership, not sure if the rest of the LP will accept that and what will happen. I am not sure *anyone* in the LP is willing to split the party. If they did they would ALL lose out badly, and money and power is a sure thing to keep the second party of british imperialism together.

If the tories win tomorrow, its a dark day, a massive day of triumphalism for all the most right wing uk and british colonial madness, the state will be ready to really go for people and really escalate their wars against our Homelands. Remember the far right provocations in Edinburgh in the streets when the colonial union won? We need to watch out for each other big time.

What if Labour win? 

Ha. The the sh** really hits the fan. Now the army leadership said when Corbyn won the leadership of the LP that if he became PM they would oust him in a military coup. So we got that! 😂 Bmessut considering Corbyn/LP has said they are loyal to Queen, army and the police, these bodies of the state might continue to mould Corbyn into a shape they prefer as has happened in these ways. However, if Corbyn wins first we have to consider the right / far right anger at that the victory of the brit left. There might be nothing on the streets from the right, but its a real possibility.

If Corbyn wins we are going to go into a very messy situation, its too complex to even go into now. But Corbyn/LP's position on major *uk* nationalist social economic reforms (nationalisation, is a strange one, very uk nationalist) will be met with probably total hostility, and also Corbyn on brexit will be seen by anti brexit forces as a chance to have much more influence.

We will see what happens, but people really need to be thinking way beyond the confines of Corbyn, LP and the narrow colonial framework of this system if they even want to win the absolute basic demands for themselves and peace for our Homelands from british imperialism. The capitalist-imperialist system has nothing to offer you, it will not bed to your will even if you have Corbyn as PM, the system destroys whole countries in our Homelands, its not going to give you anything but the tiniest of crumbs perhaps, but even then, the system and its leadership is being really wild and violent increasingly to keep everyone off-balance and weak.

Be safe, look out for each other. Don't let the right/far right forces hurt or aggress anyone of us. Be vigilant, be proactively vigilant. Peace and justice and liberation.

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