What is Sons of Malcolm?

In 2007 myself Sukant Chandan set up Sons of Malcolm, which is a website that takes inspiration from the life and work of Malcolm X and tries to apply that theoretically and practically to the world today and to organising in London, through Britain and further afield.  The vidoes of many of the events hosted by Sons of Malcolm can be found here on the Sons of Malcolm YouTube channel.

Why the name, 'Sons of Malcolm'?

The name comes from a section of a lyric from the rapper P-Dog from the group 'Paris' on the track 'Brutal' which states: "Switch to Oak town, '66 /See Huey Newton and Cleveland Seale / Sons of Malcolm with intent to kill / And end the brutality inflicted on us by cops".

I have known this track since my mid teens, and it has always stuck in my head. Furthermore, Sons of Malcolm was also a Black radical street gang in the USA in the 1970s cited in Meditations on Frantz Fanon, by James Yaki Sayles.

Finally, the term Sons of Malcolm denotes an inter-generational transfer of the legacy and torch of the revolutionary ideologies, legacies, stuggles and challenges of developing new generations of proverbial revolutionary Daughters and Sons of Malcolm X.

Below I outline a few more things I have done...

As some pioneering but rather problematic old skool rapper said: I aint new to this! Just putting this out here so people who don't know me can get to know a little:

- In 2002 I went on a delegation to occupied and settler colonial imposed military occupied West Bank, Palestine and co founded the Che Leila Youth Brigades in Ramallah. I organised one of the first public events for Leila Khaled in England, when I was a co founder and organiser for Che Leila Youth Brigades (2002 - 2005):

- In 2007 I visited the Resistance communities in Beirut and South Lebanon, including meeting Hezbollah leaders.

- In 2008 I organised the first event with the Black Panthers in the UK parliament with Emory Douglas and Black Panther Almuni head, Bill Jennings:

- In 2008 I organised the memorial event for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine founder and leader George Habash

- in 2009 I organised the first time a Hizbullah MP spoke in Parliament:

- In 2010 I organised five events to commemorate 10 years since the start of the 2nd Intifada with Leila Khaled, George Galloway MP, Venezuelan Ambassador, Lowkey, Shadia Mansour, and others:

- In 2011 I visited Libya three times during the Nato bombing to support the Resistance and demand a just peace:

- In Nov 2012 I organised a one year memorial for Shaheed Muammar al-Gaddafi, with my wonderful Libyan comrades:

- In June 2013, I organised a fantastic book launch for Sohail Daulatzai's Black Star Crescent Moon:

- In June 2014 I lead the organising of Strike the Empire Back with Akala, Aamer Rahman and Marcel Cartier amongst others, the first public event of the Malcolm X Movement:

- In Dec 2014 I helped to co organise and chair this event for Assata Shakur, with the wonderful Black Panther Charlotte Hill O'Neal speaking:

- In Jan 2015 I co organised the leading Jamahriyan spokeperson and leader of the Libyan Peoples National Movement Moussa Ibrahim in Parliament with George Galloway, it was the first time he made a public address since 2011, and he spoke while still on the red list wanted of Nato:

- In Jan 2015 I had the honour of hosting Black Panther Aaron Dixon for his book launch:

- In March/April 2015 I helped to lead organise the first annual Malcolm X Film Festival of the Malcolm X Movement, which was supported officially by amongst others the PFLP, Black Panther Alumni, Libyan Peoples National Movement, Bernadette McAliskey and Ilyasah Shabazz:

- In Aug 2015 led the organising of a very successful event with Eddie Marshall Conway and Dominque Stevenson, Black Panther and political prisoner of 44 years:

- And most recently I co organised and chaired a hugely successful commemoration of Paul Robeson's 40th years since his passing with some of the best Black radical voices in this country at the Marx Memorial Library:

I have done a lot more than all this over the years, but that is *some* of the highlights.

Thanks to all my comrades who have assisted me through all these struggles, ups and downs when trying to serve our peoples and their intergenerational wars of liberation, especially would like to thank James Stuart my long time mentor and brother and comrade, Dan Glazebrook my brilliant revolutionary brother, Hafsa Kara my fearless and typically stubborn Algerian sister and comrade, my RBG comrade and hard truth soldier Saqib Deshmukh, my comrade and brother and the greatest revolutionary artist of our generation Mohammad Hamza, my wonderful comrades in the Black Panthers and the wider Black Liberation struggle, especially those I have so much respect for like Bob Brown, the A-aprp GC, the African warriors and revolutionary thinkers like George Shire, the living revolutionary legend from Ghana that I have the honour of knowing H.E Kojo Gottfried, the pillar of our Black Liberation struggle here Minkah Adofo and Omowale Rupert, our very own Black revolutionary scholar of the highest standard Hakim Adi and all the comrades who aren't around with me who once were, and all the comrades who are new to my partnership. Special dedication to the Libyan people and their resistance to unify and liberate their country once more like it was in Sept 1969.

I am a flawed human like any other, I do the best I can, I am wrong sometimes, I fuck up sometimes and sometimes I am right and do well when most others are full of shit and sell out.

Most of all, thank God, our martyrs and ancestors and my Nanaji, and Dadaji, my other revolutionary family ancestors and my Mother and Father who raised me right in the heart of the enemy. You have sent me here and raised me here to continue our struggle against the british imperialists in defence of the oppressed, and that is the greatest honour.

Our peoples shall win.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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